Necaxa vs Toluca - The Battle for La Liga MX Supremacy

: It's the battle of Mexico's two biggest clubs! Necaxa and Toluca are set to face off in the Liga MX finals, and the whole country is abuzz with excitement. These two teams have a long history of rivalry, dating back to the early days of Mexican football. But who will come out on top this time around?

Necaxa's History

Necaxa is one of Mexico's most historic clubs. Founded in 1923, the Aguascalientes-based club has won 3 Primera Division titles, 4 Copa Mexicos, and 1 Intercontinental Cup. Necaxa is also well-known for its "La Guerra de Los Antifaces" (the war of the masks), a famous match in which Necaxa players wore masks to protect their identities from vengeful opponents.

Toluca's History

Toluca, on the other hand, was founded somewhat later in 1917. The team is based in the State of Mexico and has won 10 Primera Division titles, 7 Copa Mexicos, and 1 Intercontinental Cup. Toluca is also well-known for its "Diablos Rojos" (Red Devils), a nickname that was coined by British miners who once worked in the area.

The Rivalry Begins

The rivalry between these two teams began in the early days of Mexican football. In those days, there were only a handful of teams competing for supremacy. Necaxa and Toluca quickly rose to the top, thanks to their strong performances on the field. The first-ever meeting between the two teams was a friendly match played in 1923, in which Toluca won 2-1. However, it wasn't until 1931 that the rivalry really began to heat up.

In 1931, both Necaxa and Toluca were vying for the Primera Division title. The final match of the season was played between the two teams, with Necaxa coming out on top 3-2. This victory cemented Necaxa's place as one of Mexico's premier football clubs and sparked a heated rivalry that has continued to this day.

The Battle Continues. Now, after almost a century of competition, these two teams are set to face off once again in the Liga MX finals. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell...

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